Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Free Books! Two Ways to Win!

Who doesn't love free books, right? Well, this week you have two ways to win a bunch of Class of 2k8 books.

Way #1 - The Hard Way (well, only a little...for those of you who like a challenge)
Go to the Class of 2k8's contest page and answer ten questions about characters from this quarter's 2k8 releases. A random drawing will be made from all the correct entries and the winner will receive three of this quarter's books. Deadline is June 30.

Way #2 - The So Easy You Can Do It In Your Sleep Way
Bop on over to the Class of 2k8 blog , where our Blog Moms are interrogating...er, interviewing an assortment of book reviewers. Find out what makes them tick or ticks them off... And enter our drawing by leaving a comment on the blog. Every day we're giving away two 2k8 books. Deadline to comment is June 29.

Improve your chances of winning by entering both drawings, because, as the Scarecrow says in The Wizard of Oz..."Some people do go both ways."

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